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Welcome to RadReefs

RadReefs is a community-centered, multi-vendor platform designed by hobbyists for hobbyists. This platform is more than just a marketplace, we are also a community of RadReefers! RadReefs is a place for you to show off your tank, buy some new fire from any of our vendor stores, snag a great deal in one of our many auctions, ask questions, and give answers.

Buy with Confidence!

There are lots of vendors out there, it’s hard to keep track of “the good guys”. Good news, we verify our vendors have the quality and quantity to keep up with the FIRE we all want for our tanks. While we believe all of our vendors are 5 Star, we also have a ranking system to show buyers how Rad each vendor is. Our verified buyers are able to rate our vendors based on their transactions.

You can’t go wrong.  Our vendors are the best!

Good News!!! We have put the time in and found some of the most trusted vendors in the industry with the most Rad coral.  Feel confident shopping with ANY of them. 

You should click around all of our vendor shops.  Our selection just can’t be beat.  Coral from vendors all over the country.

2 Ways to Shop

Hunting a specific frag? hit up the Buy It Now Tab under the Vendor Shops of your choice  and add it to your cart, checkout, and BOOM its yours.  Be sure and take advantage of our FREE shipping over $300 with a single vendor.

If the thrill of the hunt is more your thing, Our coral auctions are unrivaled in the industry.  Proxy Bidding, Buy It Now, Countdown Timers, buckle up folks, this is the most exciting way to snag a few hot frags for your tanks!

All of our vendors are top notch sellers, but here are a few of our favorites!

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