Rad Reefs is the first of its kind, multi-vendor marketplace offering multiple ways to shop, Buy It Now AND Auctions!  Our Coral Vendors are top notch, tried and true, coral rock stars. Our Platform for Coral Sales and Auctions has been customized to make using it fun for Customers and Vendors!

Plain and Simple, once you Register you can visit our Vendors Stores page, This is where you will see all of our active vendors.  You can then click Visit Store on the vendor of your choice and shop around.  From there add some Zoas, SPS, or LPS to your cart, select your shipping (Set by each vendor) and check out using our super simple and secure Stripe Payment Gateway.

Well, Shops are where our Vendors post their coral for sale and auction.

The Vendors Shop tab will contain all of their “buy it now” coral.  If you’re looking for something specific, use our Search feature!  You can also add Shop items to your cart after you win some auction pieces!

Yeah. . . You read that right!  Our auctions are what truly set us apart.  Each Vendor has their own Auction page.  By Default, items will be displayed “Ending Soonest” with a timer showing when the item will end.  All Times are displayed in Central Standard Time (CST).  Put your max bid in the box and enter your bid, our bidding system will make sure to up your bid (to your limit of course) as your competition tries to outbid you.  If you do get outbid, don’t worry! You will receive an email notification!

Funny you should ask!  Each vendor sets their own shipping rates and you have to pay shipping per vendor.  For example, lets say you purchased 5 items from Vendor A and 10 from Vendor B, you will be responsible for shipping from each vendor.  Many vendors have set Free Shipping once you spend $200-$300.  Be sure to take advantage of that where you can!

Rad Reefs